A tiny Android SDK to enable recording users interactions with your app.
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AppCam is a tiny Android sdk that enables app developers to easily request high quality screen recordings from their users.

Recording is initiated when a user clicks a link provided by the developer. The AppCam SDK intercepts the link and handles the requesting permission, recording and uploading of the recording to the online dashboard for viewing.

AppCam allows you to upload 30 minutes of recordings per month for free.

After exceeding this allowance, you'll need to subscribe to upload any further recordings.


Add the gradle dependency:

Add the following code to your module's build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.appcam.android-sdk:core:'

And your done! The AppCam SDK is now fully implemented.


Start recording using a link:

Build and send the following link to any user who has a version of your app installed that includes the above dependancy.


Providing the link is clicked on a device with the app installed (a version with the dependancy included), the sdk will intercept the link and request permission to start recording.

To start recording manually:

Run the following code form anywhere in your app.


I can't see my recording:

Recordings finish automatically when the user leaves the app, be that via the back button, home button or by turning the screen off. When a recording finishes the upload is scheduled using JobScheduler to upload the next time the device connects to wifi. On some devices there may be a small delay between connecting to wifi and the job firing.

Force closing, uninstalling or reinstalling the app during a recording will save the file, but not schedule the recording to be uploaded. However, the recording will be scheduled the next time the app is opened (i.e, the applications onCreate() is fired).

You can get detailed logs of AppCam's workings by seaching for "AppCam" in Logcat.


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